Bookkeeping Services

Outsourcing your bookkeeping to our qualified and knowledgeable staff  will provide your business the opportunity to concentrate on your  business success.  We specialize in contract and self-employed  individuals. Many clients are opting for our Profit First program to  achieve greater success in building highly profitable businesses. Our  bookkeeping services include: 



Maintain a Chart of Accounts

Bank Reconciliation

Balance Sheets

QuickBooks, Wave Set Up Management

Sales Taxes

Cash Flow Management

Record Financial Transactions

Provide Tax Ready Files 

Access Electronic Copies of All Records 

Assistance with Calculation IRS Quarterly Tax Payments

Profit First Consulting

Profitability Analysis
Profitability Coaching

Financial Statements Income & Expenditure statement; (GAAP Compliant)
Account Management, Financial Forecasting and Projected Income